Dimgogo 2400 Plus
Dimgogo 2400 PlusDimgogo 2400 PlusDimgogo 2400 PlusDimgogo 2400 PlusDimgogo 2400 PlusDimgogo 2400 Plus
$ 249.00

Actual Power Consumption of Standard Version: 420W
Actual Power Consumption of White LED Version: 590W
Amperage: 3.5A @ 120V / 1.75A @ 240VHPS Wattage Equivalent: 850W-1200W
Dimensions: 33″10.2″*2.5″ (84 x 33 x 6.3cm)Weight: 17 lbs
Total Diodes: 240
Flower Stage Coverage: 5' x 2.5' @ 24" (150x75cm @ 60cm height)
Input Voltage: AC 85-265VPackage Contents(Customization available):
 1 x Dimgogo 2400 Plus
 1 x Hangers
 1 x 4.5ft Power Cord
 1 x Installation User Manual
Warranty: 3-Year
Product Features (Distinction of Other Products):
White light version available
Large coverage area
2-Switch Mode (Full and Half-Output Mode)More Red Lights


Dimgogo is committed to provided good quality products and professional & excellent customer support for every customer. We always keep unremitting effort to develop and study new products. And we offer various LED grow light with different features for growers and continuously stay abreast with the market, releasing new products if needed. We are well-known in the LED industry with our advanced technology, scientific management, excellent quality and the first-class services

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I switch between veg and flower spectrums?
A: You don't need to switch, this light is full spectrum for both veg and flower spectrums. Turn both switches to get maximum outcome. Q: What is recommended height of hanging Dimgogo LED grow light? A: Par value is determined by the height of the illumination, the closer the distance the higher the par value.Dimgogo Grow Light should be 12-24 inches from the top of the canopy, but don't get too close to burn the plants


 1.PPFD Value : PPFD is Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. When you choose a plant light, you should compare the PPFD values of different plant lights. The larger the value, the better the growth of the plant.
 2.Actual Power: Because the actual power of the plant light always varies with different conditions, all Amazon sellers use the rated power to describe the power of the product because the rated power is constant. When you pick a LED grow light, the rated power of the plant light is a reference, and more importantly is the actual power.
 3.Core Coverage: In addition to the above two, when you choose a plant light, you also need to compare the cover area of different plant lights, of course, the size of the core coverage area. In general, in germination stage, you can hang the plant light higher and the cover area is larger. In flowering stage you can hang the plant light lower and the cover area is smaller because the plant needs more light at this stage. You have to compare different coverage areas to choose the plant light that suits you


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